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Eileen Steinbach, a Poster Designer from Germany.

She is focusing on key art as well as alternative art to promote films from indie pieces to studio productions. Before getting into the field of entertainment design she worked in different advertising agencies in her hometown of Hannover where her main focus was branding and editorial design. Her work can be described as conceptual minimalism, with strong and evocative ideas being the main focus of her art. Steinbach works both illustrative and image-based, depending on what a film needs to create striking imagery that gets to the core of the story. Her latest creations can always be found on her instagram.

If you're an agency, producer or filmmaker and want to work together, don't hesitate and send a mail to


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Key Art

Official theatrical and DVD/Blu-Ray/VOD artworks.

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Official promotional pieces.

Alternative movie posters

Unofficial illustrations and comps.

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